A critical thinking expert.

Lou Quinto – an expert in critical thinking.

The title of this blog is Metacognition. It’s a blog that provides tips to help you “think about your thinking.” Here you will find posts on subjects that delve into critical thinking skills. This includes problem solving, decision making, creativity, strategic planning and other similar topics to help you address your need to become a better critical thinker – both professionally and personally.

I am an executive coach and keynote speaker with over 20 years of experience in employee development, management training, executive coaching and consulting in management and critical thinking skills, and professional speaking. I have been working with clients internationally since 1992. My clients include General Motors, Rolls Royce, Owens Corning, AMAX Coal, Kraft Foods, KPMG, McKesson Corp, Phillip Morris, Caterpillar, Sears, Sunoco, Perot Systems, SunTrust, TJ Maxx and Bank of Montreal.

My clients consider my style of training and consulting as engaging, motivating, and productive. This makes me a popular choice for conducting seminars, management retreats and executive coaching sessions.

I am a master coach for Action Management and Associates of Plano, TX and I am a member of its prestigious Million Dollar Club. It’s an international award presented to individuals whose clients have documented over $1 million in savings through the use of critical thinking tools and processes. In one year, participants that attended seminars led by me documented bottom-line savings in excess of $3.5 million.

Additionally, I have provided strategic planning services, consulting and training for colleges, universities, and national and local not-for-profit organizations in the area of fundraising. I have also managed two Congressional campaigns.

You can contact me by email at louquinto@gmail.com.

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